Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Restaurants- Why go Green?

Restaurants are the largest consumers of energy in the retail sector, annually spending an average of $3.77 per square foot on electricity.

They also produce a whopping amount of garbage. About 50,000 tons every year, 95% of which could have been recycled.

And with the average American spending 48% of their food budget on food eaten away from home, restaurants are in a position to make a huge positive impact on the environment through the adoption of sustainable business practices.

Below is a list compiled by The Green Restaurant Association, a non-profit organization that certifies restaurants who meet their environmental standards, of ways that going green can benefit your restaurant.

Cut Costs
Improve Staff Productivity and Morale
Increase Customer Loyalty
Drive in New Customers
Stay Ahead of Legislation
Create a Healthier Environment
Receive Great Publicity

At Park Grill, we are passionate about the environment and are working hard to make our restaurant green. Making sustainable business practices a priority not only helps the environment, it’s great for business.

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